Best Places to Watch a Movie in Miami

Miami is known for clubs on the South Beach strip, parties, clubs and golf. It is also home to a number of wonderful movie theaters which provide movie goers a bountiful choice of movies as well as the comfort of the movie going experience.

Coral Gables Art Cinema
The Coral Gables Art Cinema is known as a theater of the arts and patrons who enjoy films on the cutting edge of film making. This theater is home to a number of independent and foreign films. It is also the venue of choice for a number of special viewing premiere and other events. It is very popular for its late night shows.

AMC Aventura Theater
One of these theaters is the AMC Aventura Theater which is located in Aventura Mall just north of Miami Beach. Developed under the watchful eye of Turnberry Associates’ Jackie Soffer (, Aventura Mall is one of the largest malls in the United States and its theater does not disappoint. AMC Aventura has the comfort and design of an Opera House. Each theater is designed with custom seating which is twice the size of most theaters and much more comfortable as well. Movies can be shown on super large screens with Dolby sound effects. The theater is also well suited for 3-D movies.

Cinema Wynwood
Cinema Wynwood is an option for movie goers who are more on a college budget and want to explore more movies shot in the “film noire” style. This theater also shows a lot of independent as well as experimental films. The concessions are affordable and after the movie there will be plenty of opportunity for coffee shop discussion.

CineBistro at Dolphin Mall
The CineBistro at Dolphin Mall is an upscale theater for those who desire a more opulent movie viewing and service experience. The CineBistro theater is swanky but very much worth the cost. It is a great date theater. Kids are not permitted in the theater after 6pm. There is complimentary valet parking and excellent customer service.

Paragon Grove Theater
The Paragon Grove Theater reminds movie goers of the golden area of movies. Seats can be purchased in advanced. In addition to the regular concession fare, movie goers will also find wine, beer and other food choices such as chicken tenders and nachos. The best feature of this theater is that a patron’s order can also be delivered to their seats during the movie.


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