Caribbean Pirate Treasure: Traveling for Treasure

He’s the grandson of the world famous traveler Jacques Cousteau and now Philippe has his own television show with his journalist wife called Caribbean Pirate Treasure. The two set out to find trinkets of silver and gold buried deep in the seas. The series begins August 20. They will travel to such areas as St. Croix, off the Dominican Republic and Honduras. The goal behind the show is to dig up items that have a bit of history. It’s basically treasure hunting for pleasure but their is a lot time that goes into it. It’s pretty heavy duty stuff and the couple discovers in their adventures.

Ashlan Cousteau, co-host, will spend a good deal of time looking over artifacts for historical clues. The environments can get rough at times. We see in the first episode things got a little rocky as the duo has to bare hard waves to reach the Concepcion treasure. It’s something Philippe’s grandfather discovered years ago in 1968. While on the Silver Bank, they leafed through a sea of coral heads in a small tiny boat all the while carrying a camera crew. Eventually they found only one local boat willing to take the trip because of its apparent dangers.

The adventures to find these items can be a bit challenging. The best thing for Philippe is that he get to revisit his grandfathers travels, which make it very special to him. In another episode, the couple encounters a pack of bats in a large deep cave. We don’t know yet whether or not treasure is discovered, you’ll have to watch and find out. However, it is a neat way for the couple to find something people had no idea existed almost 200 years ago. Though the show isn’t about traveling and sipping coolers in each location it is fun to enjoy the locations while looking over a great find. Caribbean Pirate Treasure is a must watch with each episode giving viewers something to look forward to on the couple’s travels.


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