Come Enjoy Your Next Shopping Experience at Westfield – Where Malls are Becoming Cultural Centers

Westfield Corporation operates malls around the country. They decided to broaden their role in American culture by turning their malls into more than shopping centers. CEO of Westfield – Peter Lowy has led the vision to turn the mall experience into something more. Specifically the Westfield mall experience is becoming more of one that is integrated with American culture.

A Vision to Broaden Their Role in American Culture
As part of this vision towards turning Westfield malls into American cultural centers, visitors will be excited to find new types of events such as concerts, festivals and movie premiers. The Westfield experience is also seeking to add other types of face-to-face gathers as part of broadening its role in American culture.

More Experiences and Events

Traditionally the shopping mall in America has been associated with just shopping and perhaps grabbing a bite to eat. New Westfield malls are enhancing the facilities they have to facilitate a broad range of exciting events. Some top performers have already performed at Westfield malls around the world. These artists include Taylor Swift, John Legend and Lady Gaga, as discussed more in this BizBash article.

Events that Broaden the Experience Visitors Can Experience at Their Shopping Center
Westfield Corporation is seeking to use the secure, well-designed and well-placed locations of its malls to build onto the traditional shopping experience by broadening the types of events shoppers can experience. Since many malls are already in areas that attract a wide range of travelers, they serve as great venues to host a wide array of events.

Westfield wants to go beyond the traditional shopping center experience that has long been around. It is seeking to branch out of this mold and provide more. Specifically, it wants to offer events that turn the malls into cultural centers, in addition to shopping centers.

This is becoming more important to Americans. Westfield malls are catering to this and providing all types of events. They are also seeking to continue to this expansion to offer a broad and exciting experience the next time you visit a Westfield mall. It is very possible that shoppers will come to malls for events apart from shopping, or be delighted to come to the Westfield malls for both the traditional shopping experience as well as a face-to-face event that embraces American culture.


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