Fans Flock to Aventura for Red Carpet Screening of ’13 Hours’

The Aventura Mall is a luxury mall that is willing to pull out all the stops when it wants to host an event. Led by Jackie Soffer ( of Turnberry Associates, Aventura Mall was ready to have a nice event around Michael Bay’s new film, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”

John Krasinski, who stars in the film, was the best dressed person at the event, and he had many other celebrities there with him when he arrived at the screening. While this was a small premiere other celebrities joined Krasinski at Aventura Mall. The luxury shopping center set a precedent that it is going to be able to host other red carpet screenings in the future.

There is something about the way that the premieres work that is going to make premieres like this possible. The Hollywood premiere of a movie is one thing, but inviting the public to come into these viewings is going to make it more fun for these malls to have better events. Aventura Mall knows that it can invite these celebrities to come to their events, and there are some lucky customers who are going to be able to have some fun with celebrities close by.

The screening was a success, and Aventura Mall reminded local residents that the mall is a great place to come when they want to have a celebrity sighting. The people that frequent the mall know that the luxurious stores attract many famous people. This is going to make the Florida a much better place to visit for great shopping, and the people who are going to be able to have fun at these events are going to have the times of their lives. People who love to have some fun in the spotlight of the movies will be able to enjoy these premiere events in ways that others cannot.

You would get to see a great movie, and you will love the fact that you can do something that is going to be very fun that you could not do normally unless you were in Hollywood. The red carpet at Aventura has welcomed some amazing people for the premiere of the new movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”


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