The Power Behind Turkey

In a time of global economic recession, Turkey is beating the odds by being the fastest growing economy in Europe. What exactly is happening in Turkey to cause this economic growth? Wadie Habboush, CEO of the Habboush Group, is connecting the dots between Turkey’s economic growth and their energy sector.

The Habboush Group has worked in Turkey’s region for many years and has plenty of experience in operating and executing energy and infrastructure projects in the emerging markets, especially in this part of the world. Not only that, but they also work on developing, managing and investing integration aspects of the business to be able to complete energy and infrastructure projects. If you are looking to invest in a company in Turkey, Habboush Group is a great option. Being able to provide their investors a one-stop shop strategic approach, Habboush Group really stands out from the others. They also work to protect their investor and investment, in order to maximize the return. They take pride in their motto, operate locally, but think globally, and apply it to all of their business ventures.

Believing that Turkey and Iraq are integral parts of the region, Habboush Group has worked both in Turkey and Southern Iraq. With all the natural resources Iraq has to offer, it makes sense for the company to be located in Istanbul, Turkey. Sharing resources cross-border could very well improve the economic situations in both places.

There are so many factors that contribute to Turkey’s growth potential. Because of this, energy-related investments in Turkey are very likely. Turkey has some useful renewable and conventional resources; however, their next-door neighbor could be the key to Turkeys continued economic success. Southern Iraq could be the best place for natural resource exploration and production. Habboush Group regularly spends part of their time working on oil and gas projects in Southern Iraq. Their belief is that Iraq could be an important source of energy for Turkey and Europe. Turkey, on the other hand, would be an important market for Iraq’s resources.

Turkey is in a very important geopolitical position, making it an important energy hub in this region. All the surrounding countries rely on Turkey and their energy sector. Turkeys geography is an important factor in its, and the other regions in the area, economic stabilization. With Habboush Group being located in Istanbul, it is in the prime location for their needs. They are able to be present in Turkey and Iraq and are able to stay close to the domestic markets, but also interlace the cross border relationship they have with Iraq.

Habboush Group plans to continue and play a crucial role in contributing to the economic success in this region and work as trendsetters, overseeing important investments in this important part of the world.


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