This Miami Shopping Mall is Worth the Trip

Shopping is something that everyone has to do in their life. Millions of people enjoy shopping and can spend the entire day in a mall. Many people even travel to find the best malls and the most amazing bargains. In fact many groups will utilize malls as a way to plan a trip or a retreat.

When many people think of the best and largest malls in the world, Aventura Mall would definitely be included on the list. Located in beautiful Miami, Florida, Aventura Mall is owned by Jackie Soffer who is the co-CEO of the real estate development company, Turnberry Associates. Miami is known for its fabulous weather, impressive architecture and amazing night life. Many tourists go there to shop at the upscale Aventura Mall. It is one of the largest malls in the area at a whopping 2,700,000 square feet.

One of the ways that Aventura Mall is staying relevant is by introducing new technology into the mall area. The mall has added seven interactive digital directories. These directories show people how to get to certain places within the mall. These directories combine art with technology to create a very user friendly experience. Since the mall is so big these directories help by showing people how far they will truly have to go to get to their next destination. This is highly important to elderly people, people who have to limit their activity or to someone who is having to shop within a certain time frame.

Shoppers can also find things by their name or by shopping in categories. So if someone was looking for a restaurant to eat in they could simply choose dining as an option. Not only will they be able to see what is available but they would be able to see what distance they are from it. They can even place in the first few letters of what they are wanting to find on the screen and the directory will automatically start populating things that may be of interest to them. The mall also have a movie theater, so shoppers can view movie times using the directory.

The new digital directories are wonderful tools for shoppers to be able to use to enhance their Aventura Mall experience. So this mall is unlike anything that most people have ever experienced.


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